General Race Rules

  • Racing is generally subject to ISF rules. In the event of any conflict with the ISF rules the rules set out herein prevail.
  • Any protests by competitors or teams should be made verbally to race organisers (during the competition or no later than 15 minutes after the conclusion of the race) and then followed up in writing to the chair of the IAC. Appeals will be settled by a majority vote by the IAC. This decision will be final and no further appeals will be allowed.
  • While inspecting the courses, competitors must not ski through the gates or ‘mirror’ the pattern of the gates.  Side slipping down through the courses is allowed.  Infringement of these rules may lead to disqualification.
  • Once course inspection is closed, competitors are prohibited from skiing on the race piste until their race run.
  • During the race, if a competitor loses a ski without fault (e.g. without straddling a gate) they may continue on one ski. If a gate is not passed correctly, a competitor may go back up the hill to pass the gate correctly (in either direction). If a competitor misses a gate they no longer have the right to continue down the course and must either go back to the missed gate or ski out of the course.
  • The finish must be crossed on both skis, on one ski or with no skis in the case of a fall within the finish area (i.e. between the last gate and the finish line) where the momentum carries the competitor through the finish. Assisted momentum e.g. crawling, rolling, walking, running may result in disqualification.
  • A provisional re-run will normally be awarded to competitors who are obstructed (e.g. by another competitor, organiser, broken ski gate, equipment etc.). The procedure to be followed is to leave the course immediately, ski down the side of the course, report to a race organiser and request a re-run. If granted, report immediately to the start referee.
  • If a competitor is obstructed but continues with the run, a re-run will not be given as the competitor is deemed to have accepted the obstruction.
  • Catsuits may be worn in any race.
  • Competitors must arrive at the start in plenty of time and will be called forward according to the start list.
  • Any competitor who reports to the start gate after his/her turn (according to the start list) may be disqualified. If possible and if time permits, they may be slotted in elsewhere in the running order.
  • When the competitor is positioned in the start gate, the start referee will confirm once the competitor is able to set off.
  • Bibs must be worn and the number must be clearly visible.
  • All bibs must be returned to the race organisers at the finish, whether the holders took part in the race or not.

Official Team Race Rules

  • A team must declare it intends to race at the Captains’ meeting.
  • Once all teams have declared at the meeting, a draw for start order will be made.
  • A team can be made up of a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 racers.
  • The Official Team Race is a giant slalom run as two separate runs. The overall team ranking will be calculated using the total of each team’s fastest 3 times for the first run added to each teams fastest 3 times for the second run.
  • A team that does not have 3 or more finishers on the 1st run cannot progress to the 2nd run.
  • A team fielding ineligible competitors will not progress to the 2nd run.
  • The fastest 8 teams go through to the 2nd run, plus the host team if it has not made the cut.
  • The fastest eligible 25 men and 8 women also get a 2nd run to compete in the individual competition, irrespective of their team’s progress.
  • Competitors abandoning the course or suffering disqualification on the first run (ie DNF/ DSQ), will be allowed to race in the second run.
  • Bib draw will take place at the Captains’ Meeting. The first run start order is determined by the bib draw.

Parallel Slalom Rules

  • Qualification for the Parallel Slalom Final will be decided by time trials on the morning of the event.
  • The fastest 32 men and 8 women will qualify for the afternoon final.
  • Finals are a seeded knockout competition with fastest racer (ie #1) from heats against slowest (#32), #2 vs #31 and so on. Each competitor gets one run on each red/ blue course with fastest aggregate times for both courses the winner of that round.

Guest Race Rules

  • This will be a one run giant slalom race.
  • Bibs will be allocated prior to the start according to age and gender.
  • The race will be run in bib order.