Interbourse ski racing is organised in accordance with the rules of the International Ski Federation (“ISF”). An overview of key rules, regulations and prizes can be found in this section.

Interbourse Advisory Committee (IAC)

The Interbourse Advisory Committee Structure for Interbourse 2022 is approved by the Team Captains.  Their core objective is to oversee eligibility for the Official Team Race and to advise on the rules for this and any other races that Interbourse may offer.

Interbourse Advisory Committee Structure

  • Chairman (1 vote) –Mike Irwin (Alberta)
  • Current Year Host or Race Captain (1 vote) – Andrew Trowbridge (London)
  • Next year Host or Race Captain (1 vote) – Edda Vogt (Frankfurt) or alternate
  • Prior year Host or Race Captain (1 vote) – Martin Sutter (Zurich) or alternate
  • Host Captain or Event Organiser Representative (1 vote) – Jennie Austin (London)

These are the race eligibility rules implemented by the Interbourse Advisory Committee (IAC). These rules provide clear and defined terms of eligibility for the Official Team Race.

Official Team Race (“Team Race”) Eligibility

  • Eligible participants are finance professionals working in roles that cannot be classified as internship.
  • If the participant is retired from a financial institution, which means they had a permanent role that lasted at least one year, they must have participated in a previous Interbourse to be eligible for the official race.
  • A student enrolled in a viable MBA or Post Graduate program with a clear finance background, is eligible. Proof of enrollment must be submitted to the IAC at least 2 months in advance to the start of Interbourse. If they do not go through this procedure they are at risk of disqualification by the IAC.
  • Any participant that wishes to participate in the Official Team Race and is unclear of their eligibility must submit a written request for approval at least 2 months prior to the start of Interbourse. If they do not go through this procedure they are at risk of disqualification by the IAC.
  • All participants that meet eligibility criteria are welcome to compete in the Official Team Race. Ineligible participants do not qualify for the second run. The ineligible participant’s time must not be used to calculate team eligibility for the second run.
  • Participants of the Official Team Race are not eligible for the Guest Race, except with agreement at the Captains’ meeting.
  • Any protests by competitors or teams should be made in writing to the chair of the IAC and will be settled by a majority vote by the IAC. This decision will be final and no further appeals will be allowed.

Parallel Slalom Eligibility

The Parallel Slalom is open to any Interbourse participant.

Guest Race Eligibility

The Guest Race is open to anyone not taking part in the Official Team Race.

Safety & Insurance

  • Competitors understand that they compete at their own risk and must sign the online disclaimer form before travelling to Interbourse 2022.
  • In the interests of safety, IAC and race organisers reserve the right to postpone, cancel, or move any race event due to adverse weather or snow conditions without refund,  and competitors must observe orders of the race organisers at all times.
  • It is every competitor’s responsibility to have appropriate accident, medical and liability insurance in place covering amateur ski racing. Interbourse/IAC will not accept any responsibility for accidents or the consequences thereof during any of the events including in or around the racecourses. Interbourse/IAC will not accept any costs or expenses due to a competitor’s failure to obtain proper insurance.
  • Ski racing helmets are mandatory for all racers unless specific dispensation is given on the day by the race organisers.
  • The area below the finish must be kept clear at all times.