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Here are the latest updates on registration and answers to a few frequently asked questions (well those we have been asked since we relaunched!)

Why are we being asked to register early?
Team London are asking teams to demonstrate the demand for Interbourse 2022.

When is the early registration deadline for a decision to be made?
The deadline is September 10th and we need to see numbers growing and ideally hit 250 by then.

If it might not go ahead why are we still being asked for registration fees and hotel deposits?
We want to see that people are committed to registration, so the registration fee payment is required for the registration to count.

In terms of hotels, the majority of the hotels require a deposit to be paid on Sept 13th to reserve the rooms at the special rates we have negotiated. Rooms will still be able to be booked  after this date but cannot be guaranteed. Obviously we need deposit money to hold the hotels. Please note though that WE WILL NOT send your deposits (with the exception of one or two special hotels that teams are already aware of) to the hotels until the FINAL GO AHEAD decision has been made  and after  the numbers on the 10th have been analysed.

What are the cancellation terms?
The cancellation terms are laid out on our website:

Some hotels have different more favourable terms so Momentum, our Courmayeur experts, are standing by to discuss this and your hotel choices with you.

Rest assured Team London (as we hope you all know) are very fussy about spending money well and we will make sure we work as hard as possible for you should COVID circumstances change but we do need everyone to realise that booking an event right now means taking on some risk.

Will Interbourse 2022 really happen?
Well we really cannot know what lies ahead in the next few months but we will be making a decision in 10 days time so for the moment Interbourse 2022 rests in you and your teams’ hands so REGISTER NOW and GIVE LONDON A CHANCE TO RUN A VERY SPECIAL INTERBOURSE REUNION!

How many people have registered so far?

As at Aug 31st –
Registered and paid = 81
Registered unpaid = 15

Registered since relaunch 42

Team Tally
Amsterdam 1
Bahamas 1
Basel 1
Chicago 3
Frankfurt 19
Geneva 1
Helsinki 2
Lichtenstein 1
London 35
Munich 5
Nasdaq 1
New York 1
Pacific 4
Philadelphia 3
Vancouver 5

Come on Interbourse! You can do better than that!

Keep emailing your questions and another registration update will be sent out at the end of the week.

….and a quiet word about electronic payments – we need to receive the amount net of charges, when you make your payments please make sure you say you will pay your bank fees, or select pay in £ and use a credit card – thanks!!

Kind regards to all

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