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We are super busy at London Interbourse HQ working hard to make the best Interbourse we can at this difficult time, so it’s marvelous that the registrations continue to come in. Thank you all for your support.  Here are some updates –

Ski Passes

Ski passes are going to be cheaper than we thought! Yes you heard that right – prices have gone down – refreshing isn’t it! So for example a six day pass that will cover Courmayeur and the resort at La Thuile (where we will ski on the Friday) will be €236 including a  €3 refundable electronic pass, that’s about €50 less than we factored in so if you have already paid the higher amount don’t worry it will get offset in your final invoices.

And on top of that we will also get another rebate depending on how many ski passes of each type we bulk buy as a group. Clearly it’s hard to know how many that will be right now so we will add whatever the discount is to the Final Apres Ski Party at La Thuile at the end of the week.


We are delighted that a number of companies have reached out to sponsor during the week and discussions are continuing.  Please see the overall sponsorship flyer, available to download from the Sponsors page; there is a more detailed document of opportunities available on request from Jennie.

Who’s Who

Top of everyone’s ‘must have’ list for this Interbourse is a physical Who’s Who book and we will not disappoint you. It seems ages since we had one and we are delighted that Trade Zero, the electronic trading platform (www.tradezero.co) has agreed to sponsor this valuable little book for London again. Thanks Kosta Corriveau from Team Pacific!

Who’s Who Photos and content

Lovely London committee members Nicola Horton and Tiffany Evans are currently reaching out to those that have registered but haven’t sent their photos yet and are starting to piece the Who’s Who together. Do make sure your team members are aware how important the photos are. Please also relay to your teams that the official cut off for registration (and photos) to be included in the Who’s Who will be December 3rd. Registration will still be possible after this date but we cannot guarantee you will make it into print although everyone will be in the electronic version!

AND Liam Cheung from the Philadelphia Team will be making the electronic version happen ensuring the Interbourse App can be a useful and sustainable offering for years to come.  Thanks Liam!


Registration will be the first opportunity for everyone to get together and for 2022 it will be all the sweeter after the COVID enforced gap!  Join us at the Grand Hotel Courmayeur where drinks, finger food and nostalgia will be flowing from 5pm till 10pm.  We are delighted to announce that Trading Screens now known as TSImagine (www.tradingscreens.com) are sponsoring the event for us – thank you  Michael Kuhlow from Team Frankfurt and Chris Hollands from Team London.

And finally for today Registration Numbers as at 3rd November 2021.  We are happy to provide individual team breakdowns to Captains as required.

Total Registered = 236 and growing!

Alberta 5
Amsterdam 9
Bahamas 1
Basel 7
Chicago 10
Frankfurt 25
Geneva 21
Helsinki 4
Independent 1
London 46
Munich 9
Pacific 17
Paris 27
Philadelphia 38
Vancouver 10
Zurich 6

Kind regards to you all

Jennie and the London Organising Committee



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