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Aside from updating you with the current registration status this update is about hotels as, according to our records, about 25% of you haven’t confirmed hotel accommodation yet.

Momentum are continuing to hold hotels for as long as they can but from Monday 11 October they will start to release some rooms to give the hotels a fair chance of making their own bookings.  If you think your group could grow, then please email Jessica – jessica@momentumski.com to give her an indication of your requirements before she releases rooms on Monday.  Also note with group bookings, Momentum wherever possible are leveraging off our deal with the Grand Hotel Courmayeur to get full refund terms should COVID shut the event down.

We still have a few rooms available in the Grand Hotel Courmayeur, which will be the Interbourse hub hotel for the week, so if you’ve not decided on your hotel yet please join us!

So here are the latest numbers 

Total registrations 211 (unpaid) (3)

Alberta 5 (0)
Amsterdam 7 (0)
Bahamas 1 (0)
Basel 3 (0)
Chicago 10 (0)
Dusseldorf 0
Frankfurt 25 (1)
Geneva 20 (1)
Helsinki 4 (0)
Independent 2 (0)
Lichtenstein 0
London 44 (0)
Munich 7 (1)
New York 1 (0)
Pacific 17 (0)
Paris 22 (0)
Philadelphia 31 (0)
Vancouver 9 (0)
Zurich 3 (0)

The numbers are looking great so thank you – nice job everyone!

We have a couple of new FAQs

Is there a reduced registration fee if I can’t attend the whole week?
Yes, we will honour the previous practice and you can register for a maximum of 4 days in resort  for €400.

What sponsorship opportunities are there?
We are in the process of revising a document and will send it to Captains next week.


Jennie and the London Organising Committee 


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