The Interbourse dream is getting closer!

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We have completed an initial rework of the programme to make a smaller event work and so our new target to be comfortable hitting the ‘GO’ button next Friday is 200 registrations.  Obviously we still hope that by January we will be together in far greater numbers!

No FAQ’s this week apart from –

How many registrations do we have? 

Total 176 (+41 since last report) of which 19 (-1) are yet to be paid so currently do not count as completed registrations.

What is the team breakdown so far? 

Alberta 4
Amsterdam 4
Bahamas 1
Basel 1
Chicago 7
Frankfurt 23
Geneva 10
Helsinki 4
Independent 1
Lichtenstein 0
London 40
Munich 5
New York 1
Pacific 16
Paris 20
Philadelphia 28
Vancouver 9
Zurich 2

Hopefully the numbers we need will come from the teams that are currently below their normal strength!

Kind regards

Jennie and the London Organising Committee


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