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Registrations numbers  (increase in the last 3 days) are as follows:

Total Registered 116 (+20)
Total Paid 96 (+15)

This week’s frequently asked questions 

Is the registration fee returnable if London doesn’t get enough numbers initially? 
YES, we would hope if we needed to postpone again that most people would want to leave the deposit with us, as they did the previous year, (only banks benefit from money going backwards and forwards after all), but we understand finances are tight so it will be returned on request. Only once the event officially goes ahead is the money at risk, should travel restrictions change then London and Momentum will do everything they can to solve the challenges faced.

Is the hotel deposit refundable too?
YES, as above. However once the event does move ahead the cancellation terms will be applied if individual participants have to cancel. In the case of an official COVID cancellation, most hotels at worst will carry funds over to the following year and some hotels like the Grand Hotel (which is our hub exclusive hotel) have agreed to refund in such circumstances. As teams are showing commitment to hotels we are pushing them to match these terms. The Hotel Crampon did that for Paris yesterday.

Would there be an admin fee for returning deposits?
Yes it would be €30

Are we insisting that everyone is double vaccinated?
YES, it’s a minimum requirement. We will keep this under review for everyone’s safety.

Why are we using Momentum?
The London team has known Momentum for many years and we trust them implicitly. They are specialists in Courmayeur, and experienced in working with large groups with high expectations. They have contacts in Italy that we could never build (despite the amount of time we have now been working on this event). The resort prices they are providing us are the best, in fact are still better than 2020 prices, but if anyone wants to book direct they are welcome to!

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