Captains’ Newsletter 3

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Dear Captains

Our hearts are saying one thing and our heads are saying another, however when the London Committee met this week we came to a unanimous decision to postpone Interbourse 2021.

It is a very different world we find ourselves in than when we were last
all together in Andermatt earlier this year. We were so proud to present
our Courmayeur IB2021 plans to you all, and were delighted by your
enthusiastic response. Yet now, due to the uncertainties around what
restrictions might be in place in Courmayeur next January, the Stock
Exchange Ski Club Committee has, in discussion with Team Frankfurt and
Philadelphia, made the decision to postpone Interbourse 2021 until
January 2022. This will enable us to evaluate measures needed during the
first ski season following the start of the pandemic so we can implement
appropriate controls to ensure the 2022 event is as safe, secure and
enjoyable as possible. Team Frankfurt will as a result be running 2023
and Philadelphia will take their turn in 2024.

We feel this is the best way to enable as many people as possible to
attend a full IB programme of events, including racing, apres ski and
all the fun stuff, and give older members and our entire international
community the confidence to book in advance.

We are currently talking to all parties involved in Courmayeur but to
save bank, admin and transfer costs we propose to hold and roll all
registration fees and deposits that have already been paid over to 2022.
We hope that everyone agrees this is the simplest solution. All room
requests and group ‘holds’ on hotels will be automatically transferred
as soon as dates are finalised. We will revert with more news as soon as
we can. If any teams have booked hotels directly and need our assistance
we will be happy to help.

More information will be found in due course on our social media and on

Our decision is taken with heavy hearts but ultimately we felt the risks
were too high for people’s health and their finances with so many
unknowns about this dreadful disease still hanging over us. Let’s hope
we are proved wrong and our world returns to normal fast!

The London IB 2021 Committee

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