Captains’ Newsletter 2

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Dear Captains

The Italian Job – ‘We are the Self Preservation Society’*

Throughout this period of national and international emergency, the well-being and safety of our Interbourse Family is paramount. We are still looking forward to seeing you next year so please do follow the guidelines your own governments are proposing and stay safe in the meantime!

The ‘hold’ on hotel rooms has now been extended until the end of May and we will extend further if the situation requires it.

We will keep you in touch often, remain at your disposal for any questions and wish you all good health.

The London IB 2021 Committee

PS. if you haven’t seen the original The Italian Job and you are quarantined then it’s a brilliant watch.

*Getta Bloomin’ Move On! (The Self Preservation Society) was the closing theme of the film, performed by members of the cast, and the lyrics feature Cockney rhyming slang. You can listen to it here on YouTube

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