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Dear Captains

Well what a week we had in Andermatt, thanks again to hosts Basel, Geneva and Zurich and the IB Exec Team, for keeping our amazing network going and organising some of the best powder Interbourse has seen for some years.

We are overwhelmed with your feedback to our 2021 proposals, we are so pleased you like them and so happy that Interbourse will come together again in Courmayeur. As we are already receiving a steady stream of registrations, we thought we would write with a few updates.


Spread the word that the official website for 2021 is

It is being updated on a daily basis, as we have news and updates for you all.

In the meantime, Andrea and Tiffany are talking about links to avoid confusion and improve information sharing.  As an example the 2020 Race results have been posted this morning at

City Ski Championships

We are excited about joining forces with the City Ski Championships (CSC) at the end of our week. As expected, many of you are curious to hear how it will work and the cost implications, so here is some clarification from the website.

Typically, about 150 people attend the CSC, which have been running for 20 years now in partnership with the Financial Times, largely from Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Management Consultancy. In the past members of Frankfurt, Paris and Munich teams have attended and did rather well!

Included in your Interbourse registration fee is all the Friday activities except racing (we hope you understand there was no point in paying for everyone to race if they didn’t want to!).

Just like any Interbourse day you don’t have to follow the programme every day so if you want a free day skiing on Friday as in previous years please go skiing! However, for those up for a bit more networking and racing then please note that;

Friday’s entertainment at the City Ski Championships, including lunch, access to the race paddock, Financial Times Alpine Forum and aperi-dinner are all included in the Interbourse registration fee.

Optional extras:

  • If you are not staying for the full City Ski Championships weekend, but would like to take part in the two giant slalom races on the Friday it will cost you an additional 50€.
  • If you want to stay for the full City Ski Championships weekend and take part in the races on Friday and team parallel slalom on Saturday, plus have access to all the entertainment including the Awards Dinner on the Saturday the total extra cost will be 200€.
  • If you want to stay for the full City Ski Championships weekend, but not take part in any racing, and just enjoy the hospitality and entertainment including the Awards Dinner it will cost you an additional 100€.

If staying for the full weekend, you will also need an extra night’s accommodation and a lift pass for 7 days.

Well I hope that’s enough for now … we will be back soon with more updates but in the meantime if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Jennie at

on behalf of SESC IB Committee

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