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A final update before we make our decision this weekend. Whilst numbers have now rallied closer to our new 200 target, a number are still unpaid and that means that those that have registered and paid are sharing extra risk which is unfair.

London gave everyone an indication that the financial risk would be about €100 per person if COVID caused a cancellation before Christmas, but that was based on a certain level of paid registrations that we have not reached. This is why we feel strongly about our target levels as we made promises based on them.

Team numbers with their unpaid element in brackets are below. It would be good to hear if Team Captains can underwrite their totals ie provide a guarantee that would give London an additional source of comfort that this can go ahead. We realise it takes time to get funds to arrive so London has already taken this step with their own team hence the zero next to us. A problem shared is a problem halved after all.

Reaching the 200 and GO! level

We need just 14 more people to register and we need those and the outstanding 16 (so 30 in total) to pay, then we can move on confident of a great event and comfortable in the promises we have made to minimize everyone’s financial risk should COVID thwart our plans. This is a HARD limit.

Total registered (unpaid)  
186 (16)

Alberta  4 (2)
Amsterdam 4 (1)
Bahamas 1 (0)
Basel 1 (0)
Chicago  7 (1)
Dusseldorf 0 (0)
Frankfurt 24 (4)
Geneva 13 (3)
Helsinki 4 (0)
Independent  1 (0)
Lichtenstein 0 (0)
London 43 (0)
Munich 5 (0)
New York 1 (0)
Pacific 16 (0)
Paris 21 (1)
Philadelphia 30 (3)
Vancouver 9 (0)
Zurich 2 (1)

Thanks for your patience with all these emails and just to reiterate we are so close we feel like we can almost hug you all (if only eh!?)

Kind regards

Jennie on behalf of the London Committee


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